Sex Offenses

Testing Individuals Against Whom Allegations of Sexual Misconduct Have Been Made, but No Criminal Charges are Pending. 

This kind of situation can occur in divorce proceedings and/or custody cases where one or both parties are trying to portray their spouse or former spouse as a person whose parenting rights should be limited or ended altogether.  The client may be referred for testing by his/her attorney or by an evaluator if the presiding judge orders the party accused of sexually inappropriate behavior to participate in a parenting evaluation, psychosexual evaluation or a sexual behavior evaluation and risk assessment, 

Testing in these situations is typically limited to exploring whether the subject was involved in some specific alleged sexual misbehavior.  Testing about a specific alleged sexual behavior is essentially no different than testing on any other alleged misbehavior or alleged criminal act. Mr. Podoll will not conduct any undisclosed victims test in advance of the client’s participation in an evaluation with a CSOTP or licensed psychologist.