Polygraph Background

Mr. Podoll graduated from Western Oregon University School of Polygraphy headed by Dr. Stan Abrams in August 2000.  He received the Neal Bandick Award for the highest achievement in the Physiology curriculum.

Mr. Podoll has been a member of the Northwest Polygraph Examiners Association and the American Polygraph Association since the first quarter of 2001.

In April 2001, Mr. Podoll completed the training requirements set forth in the American Polygraph Association’s (A.P.A.’s) Standards of Practice, and has been approved by the Board of Directors of A.P.A. to conduct polygraph testing in conjunction with Sex Offender Treatment and Monitoring Programs.

He has received additional training in the technique and the use of the polygraph through yearly continuing education classes through the Northwest Polygraph Examiner’s Association since 2001 (30 hours minimum per year).

Mr. Podoll has more than twelve years of experience in forensic polygraph testing. The majority of the polygraph examinations conducted during this time have been on individuals who have been investigated for or charged with a sexual offense.  The majority of his referrals have come from a limited number certified sex offender treatment providers, and from an even smaller number criminal defense attorneys.   Although he has also done some work for parole and probation offices in the past, he has not pursued contract work with such agencies for several years.

Mr. Podoll does testing on a part-time basis, and chooses not to schedule more than an average of two test clients per day.  He thus has the luxury and flexibility to conduct sessions in such a way as to accommodate most clients with special needs and circumstances without compromising accepted polygraph standards of practice.  In those cases in which the test subject’s special needs preclude the possibility of using the polygraph test data to make a diagnostic call relating to truthfulness, this careful patient approach will usually result in the disclosure of information that will help with case planning for the client.  A test of this nature is referred to as a utility test.

Mr. Podoll’s polygraph test reports are detailed and thorough.  As a result, they tend to be more lengthy when compared to the reports of others.  Despite this, Mr. Podoll’s reports are almost always available within forty-eight hours of the completion of the test session.